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Jenny Florence Clairvoyant


  • I recently had hypnotherapy for a gastric band done by Jenny. I was a little nervous about hypnotherapy alone but Jenny really put me at ease and wow I was blown away by the whole process. Jenny demonstrated just how powerful your subconscious really is which amazed me. I feel the sessions I had have really helped, I feel much more focussed and motivated about losing weight. Subconsciously making better choices and knowing when I’m full which was always part of my downfall.
    The recordings Jenny provided to listen to afterwards are also very relaxing, I find myself looking forward to getting that short time to myself to listen to them and thoroughly relax.
    Jenny overall is a wonderful lady who is very passionate on helping others, she has a lovely relaxing work space and I felt very at ease.
    Thank you Jenny! Kim, Ellon – 21 June 2022
  • Fantastic experience and will return.
    I first attended feeling cynical about whether or not hypnotherapy would work for me but I left feeling so relaxed and energetic. From the start I felt at ease, the environment was lovely, clean and comfortable and Jenny herself was so lovely and welcoming and I wasn’t embarrassed in the slightest discussing my issues. Jenny helped me with a few things, over eating, stress and the ability to stay calm. The aftercare was also fantastic. I really appreciate all the help I received from Jenny and will be visiting her again.  – Becka, Aberdeenshire 24/5/2022
  • Hey Jenny! Thank you very much for the superb reading you gave me last year. I was the lady that got lost finding you and you “saw” I would leave my job and I have, last week, and that a lovely new man would come into my life and he has. All the things that you said sounded too good to be true, but they are all happening! Thank you so very much. Keep shining light and hope into the world Jenny x. K.S Aberdeenshire – 24 March 2022
  • Jenny is amazing I’ve been going to Jenny for a while for Reiki and had a couple of card readings as well. She’s so close to the mark with the readings, it always surprises and slightly disconcerts me. I’ve had some very powerful reiki healings with her as well and love the added drumming, which feels amazing as it vibrates through your body. She’s lovely too, I highly recommend her. Hazel McLaren – 
  • Thank you Jenny for all the wonderful reiki sessions and readings I’ve had from you over the years and I apologise for taking so long to write a much deserved review for you.  You possess an incredible gift Jenny and whether it’s a Reiki treatment or a card reading, I always come away feeling uplifted and empowered.  I’m amazed by the accuracy of your readings and it’s obvious that your ability is innate and genuine.  You have created a beautiful and tranquil workspace and it is so nurturing to lie in this peaceful atmosphere and have a relaxing reiki treatment from you.  You are so open, honest and caring Jenny and have a wonderful sense of humour.  Just being in your company is a tonic in itself! Thank you so much🙏.  Rhona Chaides, Insch – 31 January 2022
  • Highly recommended
    I had a Tarot Card reading with Jenny over Zoom as I wasn’t able to get to where she lived. I’ve had readings before but not over Zoom so I didn’t really know what to expect. But I can honestly say it was the best reading I’ve had ! Jenny is lovely and makes you feel at ease straight away. I’d been having a tough time of late but by the end of the session I felt much more positive about things and it was a great comfort to know that my Dad and other members of my family are always with me and looking out for me.  Nikki Murray, Glenshee – 19.1.2022
  • Good evening Jenny, hope you are well.  I had a fantastic reading with you on Saturday, thank you so much again, you are such a lovely person & put me at ease ☺️ I will definitely be making another booking in the future for another reading xx.  Julie Silver, Peterhead – 8.3.2021
  • I was skeptical before my email reading with Jenny as I wasn’t sure how accurate a non Face to face reading would be. However I was totally blown away by how amazing and accurate it was!  I have read it over since I received it back in August and things have come to light and have made even more sense since then!  I can’t recommend her enough. In fact 4 of my friends as well as my mum have all booked in with her now!
    Shannon Galbraith, Glasgow – 4-10-2020
  • I had a Truly Lovely Day and Reiki Experience with Jenny. I did my Reiki 1 Course Online with Jenny a first for both of us.  It was an Amazing Experience. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced before although I have had many Reiki Treatments from different People. Jenny is a very Warm & Friendly Person and her Light and Beautiful Energy comes to you even Online. As others have said talking with Jenny is so Inspiring & Uplifting. Thank You so much for the Reiki Experience in these Strange Covid Times. Slainte Mhath, Namaste & Metta Anne, Aboyne 8.8.20
  • Jenny, I am constantly amazed by this journey of meeting you and being given Reiki.  I am so blessed Jenny.  Please remember what an amazing person you are. You helped to save my life xx.  Karen.  16.5.2020
  • Dearest Jenny, Thank you so much for your wonderful email reading.  It has given me hope and enlightenment where I am looking forward to the changes that come and to the ones I make.  Much Love.  Anne Marie Barron xxxx – 15.5.2020
  • Hi Jenny,  Thank you so much for this amazing reading. My Dad is indeed in the spirit world and it’s wonderful to hear he still watches out for me.  It’s interesting you ask if I live with 3 other people, I recently had 3 people move into the flat below me and they are a bit noisy and obtrusive and I have felt like they almost live with me!  I am considering moving in the next while, hence I asked for the guidance with this area.  You have helped lift me so much with the guidance in all the areas you have covered. I am so ready to be settled now!  Thanks again.  Take care.  Anonymous, Aberdeenshire – 31.3.2020
  • From start to finish it was such an excellent reading. Jenny is so cheery, friendly & positive that I couldnt stop smiling & we had alot of laughs due to her ace sense of humour. She was spot on with everything, even things only I kno & my dear mum & dad came through, a first for me during a tarot reading so I was delighted and found this so comforting. Jenny is a professional, excellent reader & is also a lovely, down to earth lady too. I would have no hesitation recommending Jenny and look forward to more readings in the future XXX💜💖- Pauline-Inverurie 11.02.2020
  • You have the hands of an Angel (Reiki) – Helen, Aberdeenshire 3.9.19
  • Dear Jenny, I had a crystal ball reading from you on Thursday morning, and I have been meaning to email you since, I was gobsmacked to realise when I got back to the car how much time you gave me, almost double the appointment time, I must apologise for asking so many questions and thank you for your generosity.  The sore tooth/its an abscess you got from sprit? On seeing your gorgeous cat, I mentioned Dennis, our 18 going on 3 year old tabby who was doing well, he stopped eating the next day after our appointment and was scheduled for an extraction tomorrow, last night he started laboured breathing, the vet said it could be an abscess in his chest/heart/lymph whatever he would need medical intervention indefinitely ( which he hates, he takes panic attacks everyone at the vets- I’m sure he was half ferril!) So Dennis was put to sleep tonight.
    I told you about the voices before sleep, well on Monday night instead of voices I actually saw something, that’s never happened before, it was a snarling fox, but not scary at all, so I looked it up on a Shamen dream site, and the fox signifies that somebody is being covertly cunning behind a person’s back – this might tie in with the parrot you saw and thought someone was talking behind my back. Not the most cheerful thing but it’s good to be aware.   So I am taking some time out just now, and wanted to thank you for the brilliant job that you do, I am sure you bring healing to many.Sending love, Michelle Chalmers – 29.8.19
  • Hello Jenny, Thank you so much for my reading, you were spot on with a lot in my reading! Especially with the men – It was extremely relatable. I was very surprised to hear (who I think is my uncle rem) is with me!  I’ll be sure to give you a shout in the future.  Thanks again.  Georgia Gow, Aberdeenshire – 22 August 2019
  • Hi Jenny, Thank you again for another great reading. I was so keen to get one for a little more sense of direction and I feel I’ve got that now! As great as ever and very thorough .  Thank you again. Xx   Cassie Jamieson, Stonehaven – 18.6.2019 
  • Wow…Thank you Jenny,
     I’ll have to read your readings over again as there’s so much to take in.  Ive been feeling I’m turning the page and moving on to the next chapter of my life…and you’ve confirmed it. Thank you for your comforting and inspiring predictions. You have the most loving caring way of presenting them.
    I appreciate it so thanks to you.
    Your really amazing,
    Barbara in the Algarve – 18.6.2019
  • I had the pleasure of attending a fantastic psychic workshop by the lovely Jenny Flo where I discovered my minds power and found my inner peace🧘‍♀️💫. I’m looking forward to incorporating my learnings into my reflexology.  Nicole McAllister, Feet, Trust & Baby Dust, Balmedie – 26 May 2019
  • Reiki – Dear Jenny, Thank you very much for a fantastic day.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute, you are a wonderful teacher and I feel grateful and blessed to have had such a special day with you.  Many thanks for all that you put into the day, you are  very genuine, welcoming and just lovely.  I had THE most special experience, thank you.  Lots of Love, Lynda, Aberdeenshire23 March 2019
  • Jenny’s readings are an amazing experience and her positive and sparkly energy gives an extra feeling of well-being.  Margret Margrétardóttir, PortugalJanuary 2019
  • Email Reading: Hi Jenny, Although you state this was for entertainment purposes, I throughly enjoyed receiving this and I felt I could relate it to all that is going on in my life at the moment. I have been going through a difficult patch as of late but this reading has brought some comfort to me so thank you, so very much! Heather, Aberdeenshire3 September 2018
  • Wonderful lady with a warm heart.  Excellent Reiki Teacher, Level 1 was a truly beautiful experience.  Thank you Jenny😀. Tracy Stewart, Kildrummy – 28 August 2018
  • Amazing lady!  I have already recommended you to three people and I will be back for another reading xoxo – Sarah Suter, Banchory – 28 August 2018
  • Naomi Jade Rosin, Alford, reviewed JenFlo Hypnotherapy & Reiki – 5 star – 23 May 2018  I have received a crystal ball reading and a past life regression from Jenny. She is very good at what she does, within two days of my crystal ball reading I was starting to notice things she had mentioned coming to fruition! Jenny makes you feel at ease within her home and I find that the information she gives flows very naturally. During my past life regression I felt the effect of the hypnosis taking effect very quickly and it took me by surprise! Jenny has a very soothing voice and I have always felt comforted by her presence.
    I would definitely recommend Jenny for readings and for Hypnotherapy, her work is very powerful xxx
  • Nikki Peachey, Alford, reviewed JenFlo Hypnotherapy & Reiki – 5 star – 21 February 2018 Went for my first Reiki session with Jenny yesterday and it was truly amazing. I wanted to try alternative coping / healing techniques after a horrendous couple of months. Had my first full nights sleep in 2 months last night.  Booked in for hypnotherapy next week, and will be going for more reiki the week after.
    Can’t recommend her enough – she’s one amazing lady 😀
  • I would recommend Jenny without reservation, her confidentiality is absolute, and her loyalty to her Clients is paramount in her work.  Maggie Smith, Banchory – 7 May 2018
  • I turned to Reiki when my world fell apart, I wanted something that could bring me some calm and a way of coping. Jenny is a wonderful warm and supportive lady with a wicked sense of humour who has been my Reiki Master for Reiki 1 & now Reiki 2. Her easy going and professional nature makes you feel completely at ease and I would have no hesitation recommending any of Jennys services. I look forward to many more wonderful visits and I thank you Jenny for everything, I know I wouldn’t be in the place I’m in today without you. Gillian Masson, Tarland – 8 February 2018
  • Dearest Jenny, Oh I loved my reading on Saturday. .. You were in top form once again. Thank you so much. Wee Willie Winkie came to light on Sunday. It was a card that John found, he gave it to his dad on his 41st birthday…. he found it in his dad’s belongings in my loft… unbelievable.I have given your name to a girl called Louise who will be calling you today or this week. I was singing your praises.   Lovely seeing you and you look so happy. Makes such a difference seeing someone oozing laughter. You are effervescent. Wish you could bottle it and sell it. I would buy it. 😂😂😂😂 Love and hugs from Maggie Watt, Westhill – 4 December 2017
  • Myself and my husband came to Jenny for a reading and were left amazed.
    She was spot on with our reading.
    Her friendly, approachable, personality meant we will be returning for more readings in the future and I will be recommending Jenny to friends and family.
    Jen Mutch, Aberdeenshire – 1 August 2017
  • Dear Jenny, Thank you so much for my reading. Whilst I know that you say the readings are for entertainment purposes only, it has certainly given me some food for thought. I thought you would like to hear though that in relation to Card 2 – my eldest daughter called me about 2 hrs ago to tell me that her and her husband were expecting a baby! How wonderful is that! It’s just terrific news. Gayle, 26 May 2017
  • Aberdeen Young Professionals Ball, Pittodrie Stadium 24/03/2017 –  Hi Jenny, A huge thank you for coming to the ball and for powering through that massive queue of eager people! You must have been exhausted! I hear only amazing reports each time someone came out your wee room, they were so happy with their readings.  I’d love to get my cards read next time I’m in Aberdeen, can you let me know if I have to book far in advance and what days suit you?  Thanks again.   Dawn Campbell, Event Manager, DC Events, Dundee.  

  • Tarot Card Reading: WOW Jenny!  The reading you gave me was amazing!! There was so much specific information & numerous predictions, and less than 24 hours later your predictions, which I didn’t see coming, began to happen!! This has continued over the following week,  I am totally blown away and am looking forward to seeing what unfolds & happens next.  Thank you so much, you are amazing xxx.  Gillian Merchant, Fyvie – 21 January 2017
  • Reiki: The first time I met Jenny was to have reiki.  We clicked straight away and found we have so much in common…..and that we can blether together for hours.  Jenny’s Reiki is so powerful and comforting, I always feel relaxed, healed & energised afterwards and also in the following days.  She has an amazing gift and a lovely nature and always knows or finds the areas/chakras that need healing.  You are a very special lady Jenny xxx.  Gillian Merchant, Fyvie – 21 January 2017

  • I had an amazing visit with this wonderful lady on Thursday morning so much information and new experiences. All I can say is wow wow wow and thank you, everything was just amazing, but the trance healing blew me away.  Gillian Masson, Tarland – 19/11/2016
  • Hi Jenny, Thank you for a wonderful card reading, it really gave me lots to look forward to.  Love & Best Wishes.  Jane Moore, Thurso – August 2016
  • Hi Jenny,
    I came to see you last year (almost exactly a year to the day) for a tarot reading, and never got round to replying to you to say thank you (!) and how true everything you said turned out. Absolutely spot on, not that i knew that at the time, but over the course of a year everything you said has been right, more or less, on reflecting back from what i remember we talked about.
    So that got me thinking I’d come back for another appointment, a year later, if you are available and if you don’t think that’s too soon? I had such a fun experience last time i wasn’t too worried whether anything came true/right or not, i had a real giggle all the way home, but actually you were spookily correct about a lot of things. Elaine, Aberdeenshire – July 2016
  • Hi Jenny, I wanted to thank you for the reading you did for me earlier this month.  You obviously have a very special talent and how wonderful you are using these abilities for the benefit of others.  Many thanks.  Monica Debremaeker,  Strathdon – July 2016

    Jenny….an absolute delight as always! and a real Pleasure to be your first Guinea pig for a Crystal Ball reading! I reckoned you might see one or two things but my pen never stopped WOW! A lot to be looking out for and I’m going to go over what you saw later today to let it all sink in and make sense of it…most of which made immediate sense, I have to say, but now I’ll be figuring out just why these messages are being sent to me right now …… Exciting or what! ?And maybe now I’ll go back to my crystal balls and spend a little more time and effort with them ???? xxxThank you Sooo much! ? xxx Heather Carr, Westhill – June 2016
  • Hi Jenny
    I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed my recent reading. It is so reassuring when you hit the nail on the head so frequently and so much information too. As there was so much to take in it was good having the reading in an email. I thought it may not be as informative as the reading I had done in person last year but it was every bit as good. You have such an amazing gift and are so kind and so empathetic I have no hesitation in recommending you. Judith Nisbet, Shetland – 20/02/2016
  • Hi Jenny, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the reading yesterday and how much more positive and motivated I feel as a result. Thank you so much.The reading was spot on and provided hope that solutions were on their way and you do it with compassion and humour. You have a special gift and I hope you are getting enough work because you deserve to be more widely known.See you soon for more reiki.  All the best.  Gillian Grant, Banchory xx  – 17/01/2016          
  • Hi Jenny, Happy new year. Hope it’s been a good start for you. Thank you so much for my reading. I got quite emotional reading it. So much of what you said is bang on. The finance comments seem about right. I’ve got an idea about the woman in spirt but I wouldn’t say I was close with her. My mum was closer to her. But we were just speaking about her the other day. Everything you said about work is bang on and I’ve been thinking a lot about painting again. Thank you so so much, it’s given me a lot of clarity. Lisa, Aboyne xx – 06/01/2016                     

  • Wow Jenny that was amazing to read thank you so much it all makes unbelievably perfect sense and a lot of things I longed to hear. You have an amazing gift thank you so much for being willing to do an email reading it has been another fantastic experience for me with you.
    Thank you again. Love and light. Stacey Kenyon, Stonehaven xxx –  15/12/2015  

  • Dear Jenny, Thank you so much for the Skype session Tarot reading. It was so valuable to me – and scarely accurate about where I am now!. I was dubious as to how a reading might work from a distance – you can’t get much further away than New Zealand!  But I needn’t have worried. I got so much benefit, and a lot of things fell into place after the session. I’ve been re reading the notes I took and new ideas are coming to me each time. I’m taking your advice and writing as you suggested. So, a very big thank you and I hope I’ll have lots of positive news to tell you next time we speak.  Jackie Thomas, Christchurch, New Zealand – 8 June 2015
  • Jenny really has got a special talent when she looks at the taro cards in front of her.  I was impressed by how much sense she could make of all the cards in front of her.  It is not suprising that the reading reflects what is going on in your life at that moment.  As I understand it, not everything you are told happens at the same time, so for some things to come true, it might take some time.  Quite a few things she told me have come true, somebody in the family did indeed get a ring on their finger as Jenny predicted.  Jenny is very intuitive and I was very surprised how she can make the reading fun, too.  That is a rare talent indeed.  Some readings I have had were very dogmatic, there is nothing like that with Jenny.  I would certainly recommend her to anybody without hesitation. Trude Bacon, Westhill – 18.3.15                                     
  • Jenny did a tarot reading for me recently, as I feel I’m at a real crossroad in my life, with a few major stresses that are making things very challenging. Her interpretation of the cards and how they related to me was very insightful, sensitive and full of practical advice. With so much going on, it’s hard to know where to go first, but the notes I took about the reading have proved to be invaluable, a real comfort. Some of what she said is still falling into place, with more to come, but as it unfolds, I think more and more that I can totally trust the information she gave me, given the accuracy so far. Jenny clearly has a strong connection to spirit, and a few times during the reading, information was obviously being passed on that couldn’t have come from any other source. I would definitely ask Jenny for a reading again, and can’t recommend her enough. Emily MacDonald, Ballater – 20.12.14
  • I was completely torn between two paths when I went for my reading – one of the head and one of the heart.  Without me asking a single question, Jenny went straight into explaining that if I pursued what I am passionate about, happiness and success would follow.  I left feeling uplifted, empowered and confident to move forward.  I now have been offered my dream job abroad, as Jenny predicted. Whether you have specific questions or you are just curious, I would highly recommend a reading from Jenny.  Not only is she an incredibly gifted psychic medium, she is a truly warm and honest person with whom you feel instantly comfortable with.  Thank you so much for everything Jenny! Lucy Chaides, Insch – 28.11.14
  • Morning Jenny,  Just thought I would update you re my daughter’s position….. she has a date on tuesday… an engineer (who is a friend of a friend). He phoned her last night and was on the phone for an hour! he wanted to take her out this weekend but Victoria and I are away to Glasgow so he is taking her out for a meal on tuesday night – a posh restaurant in aberdeen (can’t remember the name but its where all the football players dine!).. all as predicted by you!! This guy is also thinking about going to a 3rd world country next year for 6 months to work with a school/schoolchildren – again this was predicted by you that Victoria would do this sort of thing…………You are brrrilliant!!! Diane Smith, Aboyne -2014
  • Jenny, Having been for several Reiki sessions now I can truly say that you have converted a sceptic! The last two sessions were particularly powerful for me having experienced a presence at both, the first was being held by the left wrist during the session and the last time having felt that I had a tight band around my head and my chest was being gently pressed. I always feel much brighter and optimistic after your sessions.  Many thanks  Alison Smith, Craigievar – 2014
  • I had a tarot card reading the other week from Jenny and I went with an open mind. She started by telling me what the cards meant and then quite out of the blue she asked who wore a flat cap ? my dad was a gamekeeper and wore one all the time ,even when he retired he always wore his cap , she also described someone wearing a wee bow tie , that was my son when he was little , she then said she saw someone winning a race. My son is a keen cyclist but rarely wins, always midway down the results board, however two weeks later he text me to check the daily paper as he won a 10 mile time trial! Jenny also saw my mum among her dahlias , Jenny couldn’t name the flower but described them and that’s exactly what mum grew a huge amount of for the harvest thanksgiving. I will certainly go back again for another reading at a later date. Elma Munro, Alford – 2014
  • I have had a Tarot card reading and several Reiki sessions with Jenny. I have enjoyed and benefited from every session. Jenny takes her time and is very thorough. I love her healing room, a calming, relaxing, peaceful space – and always leave from there feeling just like that! Love the Reiki, thank you Jenny! Ruth Peace, Kingswells – 2014
  • Jenny, I was really pleased to have a reading from you, while you were here in Portugal. You are a very open and honest, and have a remarkable gift. I’m still amazed with the things you said. Especially with one particular thing, I thought no way, and the next morning checking my emails, there was in black and white, just as you had predicted.I couldn’t believe it. The whole experience was given with love and caring, thank you so much. Barbara Learmonth, Praia da Falesia, Portugal -2014