Jenny Florence Clairvoyant

Medium / Reiki Master Teacher

Jenny Florence Clairvoyant

Crystal Ball Readings

I graduated from the BSY School on 3 August 2016 with a Distinction in Crystal Ball Scrying which admitted me as an Adept in Mantic Arts of the New Age Foundation & entitles me to use the letters A.M.A.N.F

The Crystal Ball offers insight into the future and is a very therapeutic healing tool.  I use a multi coloured light box beneath my crystal ball, which is made of Smoky Quartz & has the most beautiful & intrinsic inclusions & veils within it – ideal for Scrying with!  The light box brings the ball to life as it shifts & changes colour, making it a fascinating experience as you watch the images shift & change along with the colours.

A reading costs £40 and lasts approximately 1 hour.

Please see some testimonials below:

Hi Jenny, Just wanted to thank you for my Crystal Ball reading yesterday.  I really enjoyed it and found it very interesting.  Things that you said that I wasn’t sure of have been confirmed by family members.  I will be getting in touch to make another appointment soon.  Kind regards.  Lynn Smith, Hatton – 19 March 2019

I had a crystal ball reading with Jenny in August and, although I wasn’t sure what to expect, I was delighted and intrigued with the information she gave me. There were little bits of information from family members who have passed..not substantial but comforting, and lots of other bits that came through mostly in the forms of images and symbols. Taking notes is a must to refer to later. Jenny also picked up on things that had happened to me just the day before that no one knew about and were significant only to me…jenny and I hadn’t even discussed it beforehand. A fascinating process with lots of future clues, I suspect, and I will definitely be going back for another in the future.  Lin Murdoch, LumsdenAugust 2016

Well done Jenny, you told me of an engagement, well my lovely niece just got engaged and you said a double band with a stone . Look my fb page to see the ring ,it’s a beauty.  Elma Munro, Alford8 August 2016

Well done Jenny. Highly recommend all jenny’s services including her crystal ball reading so much has happened since that and a lot is spot on and a few future things to still come all going well x –Kirsty Thomson. AlfordAugust 2016

Congratulations Jenny. You’ve been spot on for me at both Crystal Ball readings and Tarot. At the crystal ball reading you said ‘someone has fallen and bumped their head, not seriously’. The very next day I got a phone call…someone had fallen and bumped their head but they were OK!’….I nearly dropped the phone! Lol. ….just waiting for all the other things to happen! ?. Sheila McDonald, AlfordAugust 2016

Jenny….an absolute delight as always! and a real Pleasure to be your first Guinea pig for a Crystal Ball reading! I reckoned you might see one or two things but my pen never stopped ! WOW! A lot to be looking out for and I’m going to go over what you saw later today to let it all sink in and make sense of it…most of which made immediate sense, I have to say, but now I’ll be figuring out just why these messages are being sent to me right now …… Exciting or what! And maybe now I’ll go back to my crystal balls and spend a little more time and effort with them ???? xxx. Thank  you Sooo much! ? xxx Heather Carr, Westhill – June 2016